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Round 1: Remember the Green Berets who tried to do a little coup goofin in Venezuela? They got 20 years in prison in Venezuela. Yikes.

Round 2: The DoD is finally relaxing some of their movement restrictions but what about some of the contractors who have been stranded in Afghanistan for more than 4 months with jail-like restrictions?

Round 3: Outdoor classes seem super fun so maybe all the school-aged children will love it! 41 percent of all schools need to update their ventilation system. Get me 8 Marines who have completed the HVAC MCI right damn now.

Round 4: Our beloved Coast Guard is back at it again. This time they saved Longtime Stoolies Emma and Bubbles. We’ll tell you about this tale which is certain to leave you shell shocked.

Round 5: Which Military Movie would you like to see turned into a musical?