This episode starts off perfectly and ends the same. We nailed it, folks. for a free dog toy with a Barkbox subscription. promo code "ZBT" for 25% off your order. to make a transition profile and get a free shirt.

ROUND 1: We’re gonna kick things off with F.U.C.K. FUUUUUUCK and several other words & terms we use every day in the civilian world that you may not have realized were generated in our beloved military.

ROUND 2: Ladies, that ultimate sin in men’s fashion that we’re always swiping left on? That’s the military’s fault. Yep, turns out CARGO POCKETS are a brainchild of the troops. Does that mean we can’t make fun of it any more?

ROUND 3: From Yandex to QAnon to the deep web & beyond, Russian bot farms spreading disinformation & conspiracy theories online are making Americans go nuts before the election and it’s only gonna get weirder.

ROUND 4: How would you feel about your Dad being in your unit? That’s the case for a 59 year old SSgt who just completed the Army’s Combat Basic Training Course to join ranks with his Specialist son in the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion