Presented by Arbortech Tools! Visit and use promo code Zero for 10% off the best wood carving tools around. Start that new hobby! promo code "Zero" for 5% off Delta8 THC products. make a profile, find a job, and get a free shirt! Round 1: Give me 3 Lance Corporals right damn now who have their scuba steve mopp gear and are ready to climb up in a tree to suck up murder hornets with a vacuum in order to save my beloved honey bees. Don’t make me pick the ones. Round 2: A special round for all the other bath boys out there. A spot in Japan has 23 different types of baths. Coffee. Red Wine. Beer. Butter Beer. Whisker Dos. Whiskers Donts. The Baths come with or without the scooter sticks. Round 3: Nothing says esprit de corps like a lime green dress with pink socks. We’ll tell you why from a story that honestly made me get a little emotional. Round 4: Anytime there's a little innovation, we forget about the failures along the way. There’s been failures but they are glorious. We’re gonna walk through 10 of the most outrageous military weapon ideas that are now declassified. Song at the end is Enter Sandman covered by Iron Horse!

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