Presented by ArborTech Tools! Visit and use promo code "Zero" to get 25% off all ArborTech tools! Round 1: Time to talk a little more about stealin stuff. One of our clepto pals decided it would be a good idea to steal the blood of the pope. Not the current pope but John Paul II! Round 2: Will President Elect Biden get rid of the Space Force? Rumors are out of control saying that Kate’s favorite branch of service will be brought out back and…. I dont wanna say it…. Shot in the head. Round 3: The new Acting Sec Def came in hot with his “welcome aboard” briefing. We are gonna go through the memo to see if we think it’s actually good, good, ok, bad, or actually bad. Round 4: Unsolved Mysteries: the navy is still looking for their longest-running fugitive. 15 years ago, this sailor escaped the brig. He’s still on the lamb..

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