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ROUND 1: We’ll say a little prayer for you, sir… MPs handcuff & detain a National Guard chaplain in Kuwait ... for wearing headphones

ROUND 2: If you were dishonorably discharged from the fallout after an assault or suicide attempt there may be hope, the Army is now reviewing its process along with thousands of dishonorable discharges.

ROUND 3: Scott O’Grady, the new Assistant SecDef of International Security Affairs, is mad online, sliding in DMs & challenging folks to “say it to his face”. Some might be concerned but I love it.

ROUND 4: Mold & leaks & bugs aside there’s another downside to base housing… a neighbor’s porn playing on your AppleTV at 3am...

ROUND 5: A new report ranks U.S. Military branches from strong to weak. The results aren't great… it’s totally not you though!

Song at the end is "Boats and Hoes" by Prestige Worldwide