Presented by ArborTech Tools! Visit and use promo code "Zero" for 25% off the best woodcarving tools you can get! ROUND 1: A Sergeant Major in 2/7 is getting roasted like a green weenie over the hot coals of NCO rage this week & there’s viral memes to prove it. Why? Apparently he went Grinch mode and threatened to take the Marine’s holiday leave away. ROUND 2: In the wake of Vanessa Guillén’s murder, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy announced that 14 leaders at Fort Hood were being fired or suspended, and an independent review has revlealed an environment where women were in “survival mode”. We speak with Haley Britzkey of Task & Purpose who’s been covering the story. ROUND 3: Shhhhh, keep it down, round 3 is about the quietest place in the United States and the how the Navy is ruining that WITH THEIR LOUD ASS PLANES ROUND 4: Cons is sitting down with former Naval Academy and NFL player Napoleon McCallum to talk about a game that is happening this weekend or something. Who knows ROUND 5: Kyle took to ZBT Twitter to ask you to “Tell us you’re in the military without telling us you’re in the military”... Some great responses to close out the week. If you don't know the song at the end of the episode you're too young to be in the military..

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