ROUND 1 (20:43): If there’s anything that gets a 50-something-year old peace time veteran riled the fuck up it’s Military women & fitness standards, so stretch out your keyboard warrior fingers, fellas, it’s back in the spotlight

ROUND 2 (33:31): What better way to get you pumped for tax SZN than to tell you how the U.S. wasted Billions with a B on cars & buildings in Afghanistan that have all since been abandoned or destroyed; plus we share our own greatest money pits

ROUND 3 (47:38): We had a chance to chat with Rep Adam Kinzinger who is making waves right now in the Republican party but spoiler alert, not in a bad way

ROUND 4 (1:18:40): Biden has taken his first military action, and as we suspected it was not to accidentally get lost on Andrew’s Airforce Base looking for Air Force 1. There’s more of an airstrikes-in-Syria vibe to it.

ROUND 5 (1:26:42): Younger troops are rejecting the COVID vaccine which leads us to ask… “Wait… what? What the heck? What the… we were allowed to reject stuff?”