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Here is this weeks cover show for smiffy on SoulBeat Radio Thursday 8-9-17. 60s & 70s soul with a bit of disco thrown in .. Hope you enjoy Please feel free...
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...produce and record their own songs but from an avant-garde or experimental perspective. 60s and 70s folk and psych, outsider indie sounds and singular visions a plenty.
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#329 Nick Lowe & Sinead O'Connor Review

jimdero@jimdero.com (Sound Opinions)
...producer Nick Lowe about his long career—from the punk and new wave scenes in the ‘70s to his most recent album The Old Magic. Plus, they review the new album from...
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More classic 80s alt rock and some 70s punk thrown in as well. We chat with the legendary Joe "The Count" Viglione about...
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A selection of Southern Soul tunes from the 70s to the present, featuring amazing soul voices, crooners, honeys and party rockers, including Marvin Sease,...
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Lava Lamp Lounge
Enjoy a smorgasbord of delicious 70s tunes, all about food! Discussions include the merits of Merrill Osmond, the amazing popularity of...
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Mac DeMarco: “On The Square”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...stride with the highest charting album of his career, Here Comes The Cowboy. With the 70s inspired "On The Square," you’ll hear the sound of a hard-working musician tackling all of...
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