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Flux : Gone Mental
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June 2013

The Noise Pop Podcast
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...wonderful opportunity to interview Jose Hernandez, the creator and director of the Mariachi Sol de Mexico (R). This interview investigated his past, present and future directions of his music and his...
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Flux : Heat Rocks
...for those of us in complicated relationships.  Journalist Jarrett Hill (who cohosts FANTI here on Maximum Fun) joins us to talk about India's place in the neo-soul movement, what India's work...
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Redox #134 – Any Better Than This

Originally Posted 4/16/12 Wine - the Nectar of the Gods.  Tonight I have special guests Alexis Lichine and James Beard, as well as The Ramones, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello to...
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TV Themes # 1

Stuart Held
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...In San Francisco Ralph Before ’84: Volume 1 Ralph Records USA Vinyl Dendera Bloodbath Finding the Sigil Praxis Commodity Fetish Records 2017 CD Electronic QZ8251914163 Chalkmouth Guttermeat Dreamhouse Scrape Tapes CD
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