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This episode was sponsored by Killer Otter Electric, maker of the Aerostat, a truly original overdrive design, and the Party Animal, a fuzz that reminds you that, yes, we do have...
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...a pretty intense guy that needs to keep things moving along. Inside MusiCast shifts into overdrive and invites you into the world of Steve Lukather.
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...I Really Want To Hurt You-Georgy's Girl Mississippi River-Catfish Mystery Man-The Frost Blue Moanin'-Bachman Turner Overdrive Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy
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...(10'31) [C64-Demo] 14-Logon's Run-3D meets the Aging Bits (3'57) [Amstrad CPC-Demo] 15-NinjaForce-Kernkompetenz |Apple II GS-Demo] 16-Titan-Overdrive II (7'54) [MegaDrive/Genesis-Demo] 17-Flush-.bin (4'28) [Atari 2600 VCS-Demo] Durée : 1h22 AmigaVibes team (JeFfR3y &...
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...to discuss the just released music bio-doc, “Bachman” from Filmrise . In 1974, Bachman Turner Overdrive was one of the biggest bands in the world with classics like Takin’ Care of...
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121 - 58% slower

...Steve finally gets a chance to talk about the Friday Club ED-450b and El Cardinale overdrive. They're great. That's all you need to really know. We get to ads like this...
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...Get Started-Rufus Walking In Rhythm-Blackbirds Ho Down Time-The Guess Who Roll Down The Highway-Bachman, Turner Overdrive Circus-Argent Jackie Blue-Ozark Mountain Daredevils Autobahn-Kraftwerk Pinball Wizard-Elton John Swearing' To God-Frankie Valli Shaky Ground-Temptations...
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WRA - Jesse Daniels Has Arrived

Wrestle Radio Australia
...crowned, Josh Armour finally catches up with AWA Live regular JESSE DANIELS. Topics include the recent 'Overdrive' special on Aurora, the uniqueness of the promotion, Bai Long, wrestling rings, working Supanova, Pacific...
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This episode was brought to you by Foxpedal, makers of the Slow Hound Overdrive and by Gear Supply, your home for subscription electric and acoustic guitar strings. In Episode...
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Flux : Planet Money
...We suggest Pink Floyd fans listen to the episode on the letter I, for "Interstellar Overdrive."
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...first The Voice UK contestant to score a UK number 1 when the song, "Gecko (Overdrive)" topped the charts. She has continued to have a string of hits and joins Jenni...
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...Give Up On Us-David Soul Can't Stop Dancing-Captain & Tenniel My Wheels Wont Turn-Bachman, Turner Overdrive Knowing Me, Knowing You-ABBA Cherry Baby-Starz Christine 16-KISS Let Us Go On Our Way-Beach Boys...
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...Do, I Do, I Do-ABBA Take Me-Grand Funk Railroad Take It Like A Man-Bachman, Turner Overdrive Squeeze Box-The Who Sing A Song-Earth, Wind & Fire Just You & I-Melissa Manchester Una...
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WRA - Maroons On The Mat

Wrestle Radio Australia
...AWA Live announcer CHRIS DALGLEISH talks all the latest happenings in Queensland wrestling, including PPW's 'Overdrive' this weekend, the upcoming AWA Live broadcast on Foxtel's Aurora channel & LOADS MORE!It's a...
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Doctor Who: Podshock - 57

Gallifreyan Embassy
...Switches with Deborah Watling. Features: We chat with Joey Reynolds of American Who and Interstellar Overdrive radio shows, Torchwood reviewed (the first two episodes: Everything Changes and Day One, from the...
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