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How TV news got a score.
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I've got new Misconduct, Flogging Molly and more.
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Cupid just got shot down with a shotgun lol
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Got some shit for punks and wank-tanks alike.
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Ep 27: Phyllis Bennett & Denise Bennett-Burks

About Nashville Podcast w/ Mike Rodgers
...obstacles they faced along the way, an artist that decided they didn't want it after they got their record deal, another artist that failed to deliver in the studio, and another artist she worked with that got...
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The Hard Stuff #14

Sonic Daydream
Your prayers have been answered --- Tom D. is back on the scene and he’s got the stuff you need! Yes, it’s the long-awaited return of The Hard Stuff! Prepare to...
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...some vinyl coming out soon. The world is better for it. Song List: George I’ve Got Time Fair Up In This Bitch You Don’t Talk Oh God Winston I’ve Got Options...
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Damn, we are loving on this here band. You shall as well. Song List: You’ve Got it Wrong Pretty Nights Abroad In the Cold So Long to the Subtle Gimme the...
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HI! Eurovision's off but the songs got ranked on the TV on the weekend so we're playing our favourites from Ireland, Germany...
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...in the cool/cold/wet/whatever weather and take it all in: it's the Bullseye holiday spectacular! We've got Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien's faithful and hilarious sidekick. He says now that he's a father,...
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...Johanson-Blues in My Blood Zac Harmon-Smoke and Mirrors Matt Pearce & The Mutiny-Scarecrowing Scotty Dennis-I’ve Got the Blues for You Big Jack Johnson - You Can Have My Woman Jon Gindick-Babys...
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Ep410: I've got several live albums from the past on the show. You're gonna hear live music from...
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...B. Campbell, and how he honed his wordcraft and songwriting. On this week’s episode, I’ve got new music from Artie Tobia, The Black Lillies, and Josh Ritter. I’ve also got another...
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...wave” become a staple of stadium crowds? ELT talks to the professional cheerleader who first got fans out of their seats. Plus, the egg-laying mammal that is not a marsupial. We...
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Nothing But The Blues #620

Nothing But The Blues
John D'Amato (Gal In Memphis); Vin Mott (Devil's Got Me By The Neck); Mississippi Fever (The Devil's Got You Now); Big Joe Turner (Baby...
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