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Flux : Up First
President Trump signs emergency aid package. Two members of Congress test positive for COVID-19. Sen. Richard Burr's coronavirus comments raise eyebrows. And, Trump takes action at U.S. borders.
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Episode 179 - The Wild Feathers

"Walking The Floor" with Chris Shiflett
Ricky, Joel & Taylor from The Wild Feathers zoom in from deep in early-days Covid lockdown to talk major label pitfalls and the glory of Bob Seger.
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Four European countries, including France and Germany, announced a pause in the usage of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine this week. That’s due to reports of blood clots in some recipients.
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Flux : Science Vs
As Covid-19 cases rise in the U.S., healthcare workers are already struggling to keep up. In a...
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398- Unsheltered in Place

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
...Suddenly, this vulnerable demographic was cast into the spotlight due to the virulent spread of COVID-19. It is clear from the data that this virus is hitting black and poor communities...
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Yemen's Ongoing Tragedy

The Lawfare Podcast
...years of war, environmental disasters and severe humanitarian plight, exacerbated by cholera, diphtheria and now COVID-19. To discuss the ongoing situation, David Priess sat down with Elisabeth Kendall, a senior research...
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Flux : Encore!
...art venues, the Pompidou Centre, which is opening after a three-and-a-half month closure due to Covid-19.
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Monday 3 May

Monocle 24
...asks why this week’s G7 meetings are particularly symbolic. Plus, a European newspaper review, the Covid-19 Stringency Index and reactions to Australia’s new travel ban.
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...around Boris Johnson’s illness. Plus: Trump’s spat with the WHO, Mexico’s attempts to stamp out Covid-19 and some positive business news.
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...April 7, 2020. Kalie called in to talk about her music, her recent illness with COVID-19, and so much more!
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Flux : Up First
The United States' COVID-19 vaccine rollout process has gotten off to a slow start. We look back and ahead...
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Flux : Up First
An advisory panel will give the FDA its opinion on Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine. The Federal Reserve projects stronger economic growth next year. Plus, Google is again facing...
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Flux : Up First
An FDA advisory committee voted in favor of granting emergency use authorization of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Talks for another relief package drag on. And, an update on Georgia's election lawsuits.
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Flux : Up First
Health experts warn of another surge in COVID-19 cases. President-elect Biden's team announces more picks for administration posts. And, the Supreme Court hears...
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