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...discuss finger-pointing between Washington, Riyadh and Tehran over the bombing of Saudi oil facilities, Israel’s elections and another weekend of protests in Hong Kong. Plus: the world’s most splendid mail ship.
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...makes the trip to Afghanistan, we assess his agenda. Plus: a preview of Russia’s local elections, violence in Brazilian politics and Monocle heads to Maison & Objet.
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...will Russia respond to the resurrection of Arkady Babchenko? We also look ahead to Slovenia’s elections and take you on a tour of London’s recently refurbished 19th-century gem: the Principal Hotel.
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Flux : Up First
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Flux : Bombshell
...Arabia might do next. And as a bonus she sticks around to dive into Israeli elections. Then Erin, Radha, and Loren take a deep, nerve-calming breath to dive into the current...
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Metaphysical Connecton News Of The Week November 3rd, 2018

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
Jay and Eric talk about The Fedora Chronicles Network and The Elections, Rage Makes You Stupid, The FDA and Monsanto Conspiracy, and follow-ups to past shows. http://metaphysicalpodcast.com/paranews-2018-11-01.html
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Guest Alan Durning, Executive Director, Sightline Institute, speaks with Diane Horn about I-122, the Honest Elections Seattle Initiative.
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...law. Plus, Iran asks the US to ease sanctions, the fallout from this weekend’s regional elections in Germany and Andrew Mueller’s positive news round-up.
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