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Neil and Sam discuss the post-Covid job landscape and teach you vocabulary along the way.
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...about her legal challenge over the government's decision to delay the second dose of the Covid 19 Vaccine for elderly and we hear how the the nurse Sarah Link lived in...
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Flux : Nerdette
...coming, so Nerdette’s resident epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon is back to answer all of your COVID questions.
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New beginnings

Monocle 24
...cooking; how Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant is reinventing itself, plus Massimo Bottura on the world post Covid-19.
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...Murphy-Oates about how the government has transformed its identity almost entirely as it responds to Covid-19
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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky today announced that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can gather in small groups indoors without wearing masks.
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Flux : Good Food
...“a woman’s work is never done,” takes a different spin as families hunker down  during COVID-19 and share traditional household responsibilities.
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Flux : Planet Money
COVID-19 prompted the quickest vaccine development in history. An inside look at how the government and...
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...are still a hotbed of activity, deemed an essential service. Could they become hotbeds for COVID-19 too?
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Flux : Science Vs
...really freaked us out at the start of the pandemic: coronavirus on surfaces; ibuprofen and Covid-19; and getting Covid twice.  Link to transcript: https://bit.ly/3lXu6Ca This episode was produced by Rose Rimler,...
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Flux : The Gist
...for the Obama Administration, about why the US was less prepared for a pandemic like COVID-19. They discussed why high un-insured rates, high co-pay costs, and low medical capacity make the...
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Embassy of Ireland Ottawa

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
...Embassy in Ottawa and outlines some of the plans for re-engaging with the community post COVID.
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Flux : Up First
Another COVID-19 vaccine nears authorization. A major computer hack poses a 'grave risk' to the U.S. And,...
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Ireland elected to the UN Security Council

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
...explains the role that Ireland will play on the Security Council. The Minister also discusses COVID-19, Brexit and the formation of government in Ireland.
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Noah Huntley

Tony Tellado
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
...Osbourn in the CW series. He also relates his experiences in shooting a series during COVID.
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