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...Bill Stephenson, Chair of the ACS Certification Committee chat about the new sensory evaluation TASTE test debuting at the ACS Conference this summer. From big picture industry impact to how on...
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Flux : Inside Pop
...Big Sell is from a fellow podcaster and friend of ours, Alan Noah of  The Test of Time Podcast. Alan's Big Sell is the new FX series, Better Things starring frequent Louis...
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Support us here: canadalandshow.com/join Peter Aldhous reported that a Canadian lab’s prenatal paternity test was “unreliable." During the 18-month investigation, Aldhous found couples who'd been given results that turned...
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Have you ever thought about taking the TOEIC? On today’s Test Talk, Lindsay and Jessica talk about using prediction in testing, and how it can help!...
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Flux : La Cartouche
...are embracing video games. For some, that means stardom. Months After Labor Controversy, Rockstar Converts Game-Testers To Full-Time
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Flux : Who Shot Ya?
...Mummy" toy at CVS. Plus, the gang helps some previously failing movies pass The Bechdel Test. And as always, staff picks. In news, the Wachowski's are potentially retiring, FilmStruck closes down shop, and...
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...selection, and our strategy for getting folx on board. Plus James has a progressive purity test?  In the main event, we're still trying to find the right words to describe Melania...
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