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...Duclos about what it takes to run the race. Russell Zimmerman from the Australian Retailers Association spoke to Clinton Maynard and Brigitte Duclos about what this year's Boxing Day Sales were...
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...convention that takes place in Baltimore, MD (USA). It was founded by the Star Trek Association of Towson (STAT), which continues to run it. The first convention took place in 1979;...
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Flux : Gravy
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...and. Also in this podcast, we discuss the implications of an resolution by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) to seek access to peoples’ smartphone passwords in the course...
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Katharine Murphy talks to Dr Kerryn Phelps, a former Australian Medical Association president and prominent same-sex marriage campaigner, about her independent candidacy in the Wentworth byelection. Phelps...
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Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina

keith@klezmerpodcast.com (Keith Wolzinger)
Flux : Titre inconnu
...fusion band. Jonathan explains his Jazz roots and how he came to Klezmer through his association with John Zorn. The Jazz is straight-ahead, and be sure to check out Jonathan playing...
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Radio West Coast

Flavor Living Radio
...Award for “Best Foreign Cuisine Book in the World” 2013. "Beans" won the 2008 International Association of Culinary Professionals Jane Grigson Award and the Cordon d’Or in Food History/Literature. Quote- "Cooking...
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...KYW, KYW Newsradio's Hadas Kuznits chats with Melissa Bova of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association about the impact of that decision on the industry.  She also speaks with Jamie Brennan, co-owner...
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