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2018 Deering Golden Era Sound Test. This has the 06 ring as well as the violin grade rim.
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When friendship is under test, something tiny and as light as a straw could cause a huge problem
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2005 Deering Golden Wreath Sound Test. This was the last year before they changed over to the 06 ring.
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James and Steve test the results of an experiment comparing different hop stand lengths in the Hop Sampler recipe.
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Steve splits a batch of mead and pitches three different dry beer yeasts to test the effects of each.
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Homebrewer Dennis Pike returns with the results of his experiment testing the effects of different fermentation temperatures on hefeweizen.
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Home brewer Darnell Brawner shares the results of an experiment testing whether preheating grain with strike water is beneficial.
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Matt Cole
This is a test
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Flux : Forgotten45s
Disc jockey tested, mother approved...
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We take part in sampling an experiment testing the effect of gelatin on a tasty, cloudy, hoppy East Coast pale ale.
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Pro You Podcast
...began a story dealing with a common theme of his, "How one deals with a test directly determines the outcome of the test" his Zoom recorder stopped recording. The good news...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
...you from nowhere when you lie is perfectly ordinary, but perfectly pure. True fact. I tested it myself when the water started falling a few weeks ago. Everyone on Earth did....
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Flux : Bookworm
...Sacks discusses her novel, “City of a Thousand Gates,” which explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by testing its boundaries.
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A California Supreme Court decision last year created a new test to determine whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor.
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...some brewing yeast above the atmosphere and brewed a beer with it. James and Steve test the results.
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