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Flux : Slam Disco
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Une émission rythmée !

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...DJ Angello Omix @ Fence (Casablanca,MA), it content a set of deep house & groovy funky house music mixed live by angello omix (Heavy Records) . Enjoy !
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...podcast Soul & Roots Episode 5 Mixed By Angello Omix. This One Is Only For Funky House Lovers . Enjoy. Fans Page : www.facebook.com/djangelloomix Youtube : www.youtube.com/angelloomix Mixcloud : www.mixcloud.com/omaryangelloomix Soundcloud :...
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SOULFUL/DEEP/ FUNKY HOUSE *1 Edition March 2014!--> DJ Deelexx From Luxemburg In The Mix --> Facebook --> Deejay...
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DISCO FUNKY HOUSE *1 Edition November 2013!--> DJ Deelexx From Luxemburg In The Mix --> Facebook --> Deejay...
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