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Instagram and Art

The Daily Drive
...social media platforms like Instagram are having on how we perceive and get involved with art at galleries.
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...known for their theatrical performances, this show is a great example of how it all starts with the music.
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Baton Rouge Art

Kelli Scott Kelley is a leading light in the world of Baton Rouge art. Kelli is an artist and a professor of painting in the LSU School of Art....
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Monocle’s Culture editor, Chiara Rimella, shows us around the biggest art event of the year – and speaks to the curators, collectors and critics.

Art meets architecture

Daniel Browning
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Yhonnie Scarce has collaborated with an architecture firm to create a moving piece of public art which speaks to ruptures in the national story.
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Rock and/or Roll
...the unfortunately brief career of one of the great unsung rock bands of the seventies: Artful Dodger.
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Pittsburgh Art Places

Voice of the Arts
Pittsburgh's Office of Public Art has launched a website to catalog public art, galleries, theaters and more throughout 13 western...
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Comedian and artist Jim Moir, better known as Vic Reeves, joins Robert Bound to talk about his new...
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As a small continuation of the episode on the state of arts education, WQED speaks with Attack Theatre about how they are continuing to offer arts education...
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The Art of Yakitori

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
Flux : Japan Eats!
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Original broadcast date: November 10, 2017. Art can evoke powerful feelings. But can it do more? This hour, TED speakers share ideas...
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The Art of Critique

shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
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...can learn a lot from constructive criticism! In fact, this episode is all about THE ART OF CRITIQUE! What do you do when a friend asks for your feedback? How do...
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