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...staffer Matt Porter and Frank Hagan from KISS MASK Fanzine are joined by KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick  Join them for a cool interview , cool KISS tunes and More fun KISS Talk!...
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Joe and Sonny interview Tommy Thayer and Bruce Kulick live at the Indy KISS Expo! Check it out!
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Flux : Talking Metal
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342 w/ Bruce Kulick - Velvet Insane - A Brand New Start: Bruce Kulick and Jesper Lundgren join the...
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This week we are joined by Bruce Kulick to discuss guitars, gear, and of course..KISS!!! Check it out!
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Bruce Kulick announces new single, album in new career-spanning interview Key West, FL (5/2/15)- Legendary guitarist Bruce...
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This week we discuss Bruce Kulick 's opinion of KISS 2.0 and Paul Stanley plays with the Foo Fighters!! Plus ASK...
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This week we play a KISS game, and also chat with Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane Kulick! Check it out!
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...in the KISS Universe. KISS playing a private concert for Sharks. Kruise-Fest. The KISS Kruise. Bruce Kulick playing 80's medleys. Paul doing a Q&A with children in his KISS jammies. And of...
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...Simmons Band will be performing also minus Gene Simmons. Sunday’s Expo confirmed guests: Ace Frehley Bruce Kulick Bob Kulick Anton Fig John Regan Tod Howarth Mark Slaughter Brent Fitz Todd Kerns Lita...
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2017 #37

Noize In The Attic
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This week we discuss the 2nd part of EOTR tour, and Bruce Kulick finally gets added to the KK 10 line up!
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168 - I'm Alive

Pod of Thunder
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219 - Secretly Cruel

Pod of Thunder
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