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The fear and paranoia from the media's coverage of the coronavirus has nearly crippled the country and the economy.  New Orleans Parking Enforcement Officials disciplined for twerking in uniform.  See omnystudio.com/listener...
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More influential gospel sounds this morning on Deeper Roots. We take a dip into the country, bluegrass, and folk extensions whose roots are buried in 19th and early 20th century European...
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...in the genres of blues and tradition. This week’s show complements the theme with a country flavor. Songs of the lonesome road, the lost highway, the wrong highway taken, as well...
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It comes in all flavors, but this year's Christmas celebration is strictly on the country side. From the modern Americana sounds of John Prine, The Mavericks, and Amanda Anne Platt...
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It’s a holly, jolly, country Christmas on a Friday morning in West County. We’ll put our political blinders on this...
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...and lonely rooms...a mood, a tone, and short vignettes so common among those themes of country music. We've got that and much more in this week's episode of Deeper Roots. Performances...
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Country Hep Cats

Deeper Roots
We’re in the rockabilly and country zone this Friday evening on Sonoma County community radio. We’re cattin’ around with those mid-century...
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Annapolis, MD based Harrison Country has a unique story to tell for sure - learn how Lacrosse trips abroad inspired...
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Country Music Scandal?

Matthew Barrett
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'THE' Country Icon

Paul Connolly
Talking about the one country artist who stands above all others, Johnny Cash!
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Duck's Country Picks

Macquarie Media Limited
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If you could listen to country, what would you hear?

Bursting with country

Daniel Browning
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