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Flux : Sleep With Me
A tale of the "Dark Vikings" thrown out of their country by someone like Erik the Red. A tale of a...
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...Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, creators of the hit show Norsemen. It's a sitcom about vikings, set around the year 790 AD. Throughout the series we see the villagers and vikings...
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...Boutique Podcast. The Piece of Junk Studios was invaded by a couple of Kentucky based Vikings. Valagar (Blodhrafn), aka Ben Riggs, and Jarl Aros (Wolftongue), aka Tim Roberts, gave us a...
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...Ahmed Malek – Les vacances de l’inspecteur Tahar Ahmed Malek – Autopsie d’un complot Les vikings de la Guadeloupe – Let’s Stay up Vikings Les vikings de la Guadeloupe – Souvenirs...
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...people were, and the misconceptions people commonly have about them, including associating them exclusively with Vikings. We also talk about misconceptions about the Vikings themselves, and what it really meant to...
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...UMB Cast with a review of the 1992 Silicon and Synapse Puzzle Platformer, "The Lost Vikings."
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Chris Kluwe

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
Punter for Minnesota Vikings, Chris Kluwe, comes on the show to talk about video games, tweeting during football games...
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...pedal, it's a Machine! Plus the music of: Julian Sass, 3 Wise Monkeys, The Road Vikings, Wo Fat and John D'Amato
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...Tip" from Leona X and music from Wo Fat, The Muggs, Creem Circus, The Road Vikings and Ursin DeRoche
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...Neal Narveson this week on the MSMP! We discuss: Billy Nemitz, the future of bands, Vikings blood, etc. Enjoy!
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Bobak Ferdowsi

Today We Learned
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Deviant Burials

The Tipsy Archives
...cemeteries and deviant burials. They dig into engendered burials, death rites in various cultures, excavations, vikings and vampires and what the term "deviant" really means.  
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