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Warren Beatty Interview Special

The Empire Film Podcast
A special hour-long interview with a genuine Hollywood legend. Expect anecdotes about Elia Kazan, Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, Ronald Reagan, and Elvis Presley. Not to be...
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The Abominable Showman

Broadway to Main Street
...to a banquet of songs from great hits--Hello, Dolly!, Oliver!, 42nd Street--terrible flops, and outrageous anecdotes.
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...reçoit l'inspirant Marc-André Trudel. On jase d'alcoolisme, de psychose et il nous raconte une sublime anecdote de chiage de culotte. Enregistré le 19-11-20
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Flux : Good Food
...Contest by talking to the authors of “The New Pie” and chef Sherry Yard. Plus anecdotes about the secret world of private chefs, and Michael’s in Santa Monica celebrates 40 years.
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...Buddhism says that it carries over from your previous lives. Ajahn Brahm shares some fantastic anecdotes about reincarnation. Please support the BSWA in making teachings available for free online via Patreon. 
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Jérémie Larouche est parmis nous et nous fait part d’excellentes anecdotes de morgues (des thananecdotes) et un nouveau jeu! On fait tirer aussi une carte cadeau...
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Andrea Savage

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
...people in this episode of The JV Club with the delightful Andrea Savage (Stepbrothers), including anecdotes about farting and cologne. Yes, these two women are technically grown-ups.
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Flux : Off Track
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Live & Local 7: Michael Sims

The Baker Street Babes
...about his work, Arthur and Sherlock, as well as some other fascinating Sherlockian tidbits and anecdotes.
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...hour-long Terence Stamp interview. Here we've got the whole thing, complete with the former General's anecdotes on Marlon Brando, being approached in saunas and his tantric guru phase. You'll see what...
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Flux : Swipe Out
...with Owen. Both weren't great, so we bring forth a case against Tiki Bars, with anecdotes from Alix and three friends of the podcast to back it up.
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...The former dropped by to talk Saving Mr. Banks, bad hair bleaching and Anthony Hopkins' anecdotes, while the latter took the time to talk Showgirls, Basic Instinct and much much more.
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...le dossier hot dog/sandwiches dans un épisode blockbuster! Il nous fait aussi part d’une étrange anecdote de gérant d’estrades de lutte? De plus, Pierre-Luc nous fait part de son intégrité de...
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...Martin Vachon! Bien que ce soit le temps des fêtes, il nous régale avec des anecdotes d’Halloween et de son premier show! En plus, Gabrielle vous offre des conseils de vie...
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...reçoit Anthony Kavanagh! L’ambassadeur des fromages québécois ET dynamo humaine est aussi une machine à anecdotes! Il nous parle de sa carrière que ce soit de percer à Los Angeles, commencer...
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