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...you today's show. We have Taylor Morden, director, and producer of the nostalgia documentary, The Last Blockbuster (2020). The Last Blockbuster is a fun, nostalgic feature length documentary film about the rise...
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Flux : To the Point
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Flux : Inside Pop
...Inside Pop (aka The Pop Insiders) give you a quick (re)introduction. Inside Pop Quiz: Summer Blockbuster Movie Edition. Sean quizzes Amita on everything from which Spielberg summer flick has made the...
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Oscar-Winner Russell Carpenter A.S.C. - Shooting Blockbusters, Titanic & James Cameron I can't tell you how excited I am about today's guest....
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Today's guest is Paul Dudbridge, author of Making Your First Blockbuster: Write It. Film It. Blow it Up! Paul Dudbridge is a British director, producer, cinematographer,...
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How to Make $250K Indie Film Look Like $25 Million Blockbuster with Gaelan Connell Every once in a while I come across a filmmaker who is...
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Flux : JePodcast
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In this episode, Fekkes and I review the new documentary The Last Blockbuster and discuss the two South Park specials. Timestamps Show Start - 00:29 Welcome Back, Fekkes...
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...and the special polling date in the December election if you voted leave. SHOWNOTES Last Blockbuster Video in Portland Hiram J. Comicsgate I Can’t Go for That (Live) Untitled Goose Game
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9-1-10 -- Arcade Fire

Will's Band of the Week
Will and Barrett discuss the new blockbuster album by Arcade Fire.
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In 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen's movie Borat was an unlikely blockbuster. It starred Cohen as a fictional reporter from Kazakhstan who journeys across the U.S. and...
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Flux : Planet Money
...a lot of movies and makes them cheap. So why are so many turning into blockbusters?
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