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Western Wednesday 189 Apaches Dont Need Guns

Western Wednesday Classic Westerns
Hopalong Cassidy. October 6, 1950. Program #79. Commodore syndication. "Apaches Don't Need Guns". Commercials added locally. Indian scout Breen has been shot by...
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Podcast 1 - First Step

Amigavibes Podcast
...Andromeda-Nexus7 3/ Polka Brothers-The prey 4/ Spaceballs-9Fingers 5/ Pigmy Projects-Extention 6/ Phenomena-Enigma 7/ Sanity-World Of commodore 8/ Sanity-Arte 9/ Lemon-Groovy 10/ The Black Lotus-Silkcut Et en bonus : 11/ Desert Dreams-C64...
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Western Wednesday 188 Hoppy Meets His Match

Western Wednesday Classic Westerns
Hopalong Cassidy. October 4, 1950. Program #78. Commodore syndication. "Hoppy Meets His Match". Commercials added locally. Princess Stuttgart, owner of the fabulous Cross...
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Flux : TechStuff
...had a reputation for being incredibly powerful, particularly for video applications. But numerous problems at Commodore meant the system was living on borrowed time. What happened? Learn more about your ad-choices...
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...Bruford Wakeman Howe, Djam Karet, Colin Tench Project, Philip Glass, Galahad, Dream Machine, Deluge Grander, Commodores, Gentleland, Man On Fire & ELP.
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...I Got You Richie Havens Will The Circle Be Unbroken Alvin Toussant We Are One Commodores Sweet Love Commodores Zoom Smokey Robinson Crusin' Stylistics You Make Me Feel Brand New Patti...
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Flux : TechStuff
...engineers were hard at work building the components for the Amiga 1000. Meanwhile, Atari and Commodore were maneuvering against each other and putting Amiga in the middle. Learn more about your...
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Western Wednesday 190 A Shot In The Dark

Western Wednesday Classic Westerns
Hopalong Cassidy. October 9, 1950. Program #80. Commodore syndication. "A Shot In The Dark". Commercials added locally. Frank Crawford has become hated in...
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...& The Nightingales- I've Got A Feeling *Johnnie Taylor- Just Keep On Loving Me *The Commodores- Three Times A Lady *Patti Labelle- You Are My Friend *Phyllis Hyman- Under Your Spell...
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Flux : TechStuff
Following the somewhat disappointing performance of the Amiga 1000, Commodore released two new computers to try and capture both the high-end market and the budget...
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...I Wanna Be Your Lover/Prince Teena Maris/De Ja Vu (I've Been Here Before)/20th Century Masters Commodores/Zoom Commodores Marvin Gaye/Piece Of Clay/Discoveries Jackie DeShannon/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/The Very Best...
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Episode 156--Sailing

teddy Robinson
Commodores/Sweet Love Commodores/This Is You Life Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes/Wake Up Everybody Con Funk...
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...heart and soul of Deathpunk, that´s what we hear. TJR asked CocoCaine, Tony Misfit and Commodore Strychnine to jump onboard and tell the eager audience about their wonderful personal experiences. Of...
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Motown Songs # 2

Stuart Held
...will feature music from: Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell / Jacksons 5 / Temptations / Commodores / Sunday Funnies / and The Elgins... So this was a lot of fun to...
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