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Prolific songwriter Laura Veirs came to KCRW with a full band to celebrate the release of her 10th solo album. She left...
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Wye Oak: "Lifer" Live on MBE

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...own journey. For us, it serves as a universal truth. Check out "Lifer" recorded at KCRW studios. 
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KCRW looks at the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial, the importance of both safety and effectiveness, and...
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Why is it so hard to publish stories critical of powerful men?

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...get out sooner was that the Hollywood press couldn’t -- or wouldn’t -- publish them. KCRW’s Kim Masters has a story about another big executive: Amazon’s Roy Price.
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Jeb Loy Nichols: Don't Drop Me

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You never know what you'll hear on E24, KCRW's music stream, curated by legendary DJ Chris Douridas. We find new artists, legacy musicians and...
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Tom Misch was voted "Best New Artist" by KCRW's DJs in 2017. A musical chameleon who hopscotches across genres with ease, his first US...
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Flux : Good Food
This week we’re gearing up for KCRW’s 10th Annual Pie Contest by talking to the authors of “The New Pie” and chef...
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...follows the macabre family as they move to New Jersey and start a suburban life. KCRW DJ Chris Douridas is the music supervisor for MGM Studios’ new film.
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Introducing ‘Welcome to LA’

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Flux : UnFictional
...next batch of shows soon. In the meantime we’re bringing you the first story from KCRW’s new show “Welcome to L.A.,” hosted and produced by UnFictional contributor David Weinberg.
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Introducing Lost Notes

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Check out another KCRW podcast: Lost Notes. This music documentary series explores artist legacies in the era of #MeToo...
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Flux : The Business
KCRW's Saul Gonzalez checks in on the headshot -- still a staple of the industry despite...
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Andrew Bird: “Sisyphus”

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...who has also headlined at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Andrew Bird is no stranger to KCRW fans. Bird takes a shot at Greek mythology on Sisyphus, as he turns the story...
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Marlon Williams: What's Chasing You

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...and recalls Roy Orbison. If you're at SXSW, check him out when he appears at KCRW's Day Showcase (3/14).
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Remembering Jonathan Gold

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...changed by food critic Jonathan Gold -- the owners of Night + Market and Guisados. KCRW’s own Evan Kleiman will remember her colleague and friend. We also look at Gold’s role...
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...Skies. Said to be their most confident release to date, we welcomed them back to KCRW studios for a live set. We offer "In Your Beat" recorded exclusively for Morning Becomes...
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