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...the Future MISFITS - London Dungeon THE FLESH EATERS - The Hammer Hits the Nail MEAT PUPPETS - Big House FLIPPER - Shed No Tears M.D.C. - (R)evolution Rock THE UNDEAD -...
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...-Shawn Roadie for Poison Idea to Guitar tech for the Foo Fighters -Playing with the Meat Puppets and Folk Implosion -Behind the Music on Hagfish -Working at the tattoo shop -Oliver Peck...
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 337

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...Sunrise” by Yes from the 1971 album Fragile 4) “Up on the Sun” by The Meat Puppets from the 1985 album Up on the Sun 5) “My Friend the Sun” by Family...
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...From Journey to Ozzy Getting Into The Minutemen & Finding fIREHOSE Mustard & S.O.S. The Meat Puppets The Pixies & The Fat Awesomeness Of Frank Black Keith Morris Remembering Jack From When...
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...a wide array of interesting guests on his podcast that include Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets , Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think and Bob Nastanovich of Pavement, just to name...
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...show. Bob has a “not so secret” admirer who appreciates Bob’s beard. Bob says the  Meat Puppets  aren’t “punk rock”. Bob’s extra-curricular activities was band but he had to quit because he had...
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Sneaky Dragon Listening Party Ep. 1

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...Spinning, Spinning” (from Magic Time, 1967) The Move – “Beautiful Daughter” (from Shazam, 1969) The Meat Puppets – “Up on the Sun” (from Up on the Sun, 1985) Local Rabbits – “West...
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104 - Soul Asylum (Dave Pirner & Michael Bland) Bonus: Comic Artist Sean Tiffany

Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian - Punk Rock Podcast

The Ledge #481: 1981 US Punk

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Redox #125 – Swingin Party

...Song Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory Suggested by Boyd Up On The Sun Meat Puppets Up On The Sun Suggested by John The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn The Pogues Rum...
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I Like Short Songs (#108)

austinrich@gmail.com (Austin Rich)
...A.F.I. * Short Music For Short People * Fat Wreck Chords 035.) Foreign Lawns * Meat Puppets * In A Car EP * SST Records 036.) Saturday Night * Kill Switch *...
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