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Power Pop Show: 04.19.19

The Power Pop Show
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Flux : Podwireless
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#239: Harrison Remler

A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal
...2018 recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30 honor, Harrison discusses his upbringing on the north shore of Long Island, his dedication to high school baseball, his father's dreams of him becoming...
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...Cru- Let’s Just Pretend, Dave Keller- If It’s Really Got To Be This Way, Entrain- North Shore Drift, Michael Cleary Band- Burn Bright, Sean Chambers- Since I’ve Been Down, Shawn Holt &...
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...with a woman with a harelip who has been banned from every bar on the North Shore . You can t make this stuff up. Johnny Dilks went all the way and...
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Flux : Way Past Cool
...Places – The Wyld Black Change – The Country Teasers Dragon Walk – The Dantels North Shore Bitch – The Devil Dogs We’re Gonna Love – Sir Winston & The Commons Let’s...
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...Downfall Can Of Pork Welcome To Side Two Bob & Doug McKenzie Great White North North Shore Bitch Devil Dogs Bigger Beef Bonanza Suggested by Tommer Northern Muse (Solid Ground) Van Morrison...
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...Big, Peter Karp/Sue Foley- Beyond the Crossroads, Roomful of Blues- Win With Me Baby, Entrain- North Shore Drift, Anthony Gomes- Love Sweet Love, Girls, Guns and Glory- Oh My, Truck Stop Troubadours-...
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