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...in New Jersey, walk us through how Trump may have developed what pass for his philosophies and consider the nature and origins of the ideas that drive his world view. Kori...
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...DMT experience, drops knowledge on Hermetic Philosophy, Sacred Tea, universal consciousness and many other esoteric philosophies. He also gets real about what it was like being in Track Fighter for over...
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Flux : 99% Invisible
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...Grand Atelier - par : Vincent Josse - Barbara Cassin, présidente du Collège International de Philosophie, traductrice du grec Parménide et de l’allemande Hannah Arendt, directrice de recherche du « Vocabulaire...
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Episode 15: BBQ History with Zak Pelaccio

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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Guitarist Jim Becker

matt@premiercompanies.com (Nashville Guitar Store Podcast)
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