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Flux : Heat Rocks
The Album: Rufus & Chaka Khan From Rags to Rufus (1974) Los Angeles soul singer, Jimetta Rose, has been making music for a long...
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Music from Poitin, Three Mile Stone, Sligo Rags, The Nettles, Jim Brannigan, Brigand's Folie, Alizbar & Ann'Sanat, John Byrne Band, Aisling, Trinity River...
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...overcame to most to achieve the most? This week we will count don't rock's greatest rags to riches stories Topics Include: -John Reznik Goo Goo Dolls -Dolly Parton -Issac Brock Modest...
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...album from 1986 - which also cops an airing, as does his late 80's outfit Rags n Riches. We crank the new 45 from The Iceman - Deniz Tek and also...
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Joana has played the rags of Scott Joplin since she was 5 years old and has the complete library of...
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From his time fronting The Breakers, to Cheetah, Boss, and onto Rags 'n' Riches - Scott Ginn has long been on our rock n roll radar. His...
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Nothing But The Blues #192

Nothing But The Blues
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...his compositions, too. Thanks to Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag, the most famous of all piano rags, Joplin became known as the King of Ragtime Writers.
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