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...his Musically Challenged Podcast co-host Lou Schwalbach back to the show. They talk about classic video game s, classic arcade games and much, much more. Coe spend the net hour and see...
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Flux : TechStuff
...classic games from old consoles or arcade machines on your computer? Then you need a video game emulator. But are they legal? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Flux : TechStuff
Beginning in 1972, the home video game craze took the United States by storm. With tons of companies producing increasingly sophisticated machines,...
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Flux : TechStuff
...including news on improved online features and expanded memory. Check out our HowStuffWorks article "How Video Game Systems Work" to learn more. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Episode 92: Video game Jams

Axeology Guitar Radio
This week we talk about the evolution of video game music and how that has changed over the years and how many bands were discovered...
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Questions this week: Do you forgive games for being wacky because they're video game s? What video game music would you put in a wedding playlist? Who's the best...
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Flux : The Gist
What would you expect from a video game inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s sojourn in the woods? In Walden, a game, players can...
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Episode 127: What Are Video Games?

Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox
...This week the beautiful boys answer a whole heap of listener questions, covering topics like video game difficulty (and video game dads), forgotten favourites, what we'd do with full creative control in...
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387- The Worst Video Game Ever

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
...of American History’s vaults is a battered Atari case containing what’s known as “the worst video game of all time.” The game is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and it was so bad that...
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In this episode Al and Steve discuss video game instruction manuals.
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Video Game Bands with Jonah Ray

The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon
...in fanfic, and we walk through some of the best bands that create covers of video game music.
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With Lochie out for this episode, Louis scrambled for a video game he could discuss on this weeks podcast. He came up short, realising he'd barely even...
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Flux : TechStuff
...Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You joins the show to talk about Anita Sarkeesian's video game journalism project and the dark side of the Internet. Learn more about your ad-choices at...
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Flux : TechStuff
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