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...Heavy Metal, you think of those singers who can shatter glass with their high pitched vocals and screaming abilities. In this episode of Ouch You're On My Hair, the boys talk...
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In this edition which we call “3 Symphonies and a Lost Vocal” we explore some quickly composed works by Mozart. First, we will hear “Regina coeli”, or...
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This week we’re welcome internationally renowned celebrity vocal coach, teacher, performer, and award-winning songwriter Wendy Parr to the show. Wendy has 25 years...
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Photo by photographer Lyn Stevens Judy Rodman is a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the Academy of Country Music's "Top New Female Vocalist"...
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Judy Rodman is a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the Academy of Country Music’s “Top New Female Vocalist”...
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...our favorite bands as we count down the rock & metal singers with the biggest vocal ranges! Featured Loudini Artists: Lou Lombardi Night's Edge Lipstick Generation Reign of Z
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Honk Machine IT-11 Audio: a vocal overdrive pedal

pjournel@gmail.com (Pierre Journel)
The Honk Machine overdrive pedal from IT-11 Audio is a very vocal overdrive pedal with its specific Honk setting which allows to increase or decrease a 700Hz...
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...his own label by honoring the master's work. The Colin Currie Group collaborates with Synergy Vocals as they interpret a timeless piece released in 1971, "Drumming: Part 3."
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...Major Symphony 18 in F Major Purchase the music (without talk) for only $2.99 at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p378/Mozart%3A_3_Symphonies_and_a_Lost_Vocal.html Your purchase helps to support our show! Classical Music Discoveries is sponsored by La Musica...
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CS3 - Ada Jones- Ethnic Vocal Artist from Feb 18, 2018

Centennial Songs - The Antique Phonograph Music Program with Mac and WFMU
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...a musician with his own band, what does Joe feel about GnR in 2017? Axl's vocals in particular. Also having seen over 250 Bruce Springsteen shows, how does Joe compare Bruce...
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#804 The Best Backing Vocals, Opinions on BROCKHAMPTON & Eleventh Dream Day

jimdero@jimdero.com (Greg Kot, Jim DeRogatis, Andrew Gill, Alex Claiborne)
...week hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite songs defined by their backing vocals, much like Merry Clayton left her mark on The Rolling Stones' song "Gimme Shelter." Plus...
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...Robot. We also introduce a new character "Bad Hearing Deviant" and our new sponsor Rock Vocal Power.
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