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Miranda July

Monocle 24
As her new film, ‘Kajillionaire’, is shown at the London Film Festival, director Miranda July tells Robert Bound about the characters, colours and conversations that...
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...Scholes and Susannah Butter discuss Emma Jane Unsworth’s new novel about Jenny McLaine, a thirtysomething London journalist whose addiction to social media begins to take over her life.

Abercrombie and all that

bikeshow@resonancefm.com (Resonance FM)
Flux : The Bike Show
Utterly brilliant primer on the post war history of road building in London. Better than TV.
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Suspect 208 | Ep. 233

Appetite for Distortion
Suspect 208 is Niko Tsangaris (guitar), Roman aka Noah Weiland (vocals), London Hudson (drums), and Tye Trujillo (bass). Their long awaited single, "Long Awaited," is now available...
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We visit Portugal’s top wine event Essência do Vinho, meet the founder of London’s new vegan curry house SpiceBox and get the week’s top news headlines from North America.
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The new Greek

Monocle 24
How London’s Mazi restaurant reinvents Greek cuisine, why supporting women in hospitality helps the business as a...
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...can learn from each other by working together, plus a new sushi hand-roll business in London.
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Monocle 24
We tour Hong Kong, Toronto, Ljubljana, Johannesburg and London for a snapshot of people who work in the business of collecting books; from historians...
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We head to magCulture Live, London’s annual celebration of all things print, to find out what’s happening in the industry and...
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How a new private members’ club in London is going to challenge the big players, a Jewish food success story, plus a Porto...
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...the gadgetry be left to the fast-food chains? Plus: Spanish star chef David Muñoz’s new London restaurant.
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...4 series Catastrophe with US comedian Rob Delaney. Sharon was born in 1970 in east London, where her parents Ursula and John were running a pub. They moved to Ireland when...
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...memoirs by Jennifer Worth, recalling her experiences as a midwife in the East End of London. It was an immediate hit, with 10 million viewers a week, becoming one of BBC...
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Flux : Pantheon
...everyone else when it came to music, fashion and fast cars. When Tara moved to London he became a central figure in the Swinging London scene, bringing people like Paul McCartney,...
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Peter Ackroyd

BBC Radio 4
...historian and biographer, Peter Ackroyd. As a child he used to walk the streets of London with his grandmother - an experience that, he believes, fostered his own love for the...
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