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15095 PARMA Recordings - A Bissel Rhythm

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A BISSEL RHYTHM is composer and clarinetist Paul Green’s PARMA Recordings debut, although it marks his second recorded exploration into the fusion between jazz and Jewish...
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15060 PARMA Recordings - Works for Dance

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15023 PARMA Recordings - In Your Head

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PARMA Recordings presents LEGENDS & LIGHT, a compilation album featuring works by composers Hans Bakker, Jan Järvlepp,...
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14240 PARMA Recordings - Art for Two

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14195 PARMA Recordings - Places in Time

Classical Music Discoveries
...history with each piece representing a different period in the composer’s life. Many of these recordings were originally released by Brooks’ label, Capstone Records. Each piece gains new life as Brooks...
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...Nancy King, soprano & Robert Nathanson, guitar WAKING THE SPARROW, the premiere recording on PARMA RECORDINGS from classical and baroque guitarist Robert Nathanson and soprano Nancy King, performing as Duo Soreño,...
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