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Dancing Barefoot @ Far-Away Places
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A fun, almost comical, moment before Beethoven stepped away from the symphony for a decade and wrote his ultimate triumph.
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Toadcast #172 - The Oldiecast

The Toadcast - the weekly podcast from Song, by Toad
...I blame a combination of the RNLI, gin, and the fact that Mrs. Toad is away all week, which meant that yesterday wasn't really available for blog things. It's also not...
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Flux : Planet Money
...what they think about new technology that can disable their phone cameras or otherwise lock away their devices while at concerts. The poll we put up was prompted by Apple's announcement...
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Let's Get Away From It All
Flux : RSS text feed
We remember the life and extraordinary music of the internationally renowned Yolngu singer, who passed away at the age of 46.
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Flux : MinutePhysics
...attract each other from a distance? How does the sun heat us from millions of miles away?
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A tour in the district of Castello which, away from the tourist flows, has managed to keep its strong local character.
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Flux : Rock Solid
Pat plays songs that bring otherwise great albums to a screeching halt while Gary runs away and joins the big top.
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Our live show in Brooklyn is one week away! Get your tickets now at weknowsparenting.com.  This week Peter and Beth record early before she...
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...a community. The first was as a student at Kent State, but that all went away after the National Guard shooting. The second was when he got to LA and met...
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Flux : The Business
...‘The Black Stallion.’ Years later he worked on the 1996 movie about migrating geese, ‘Fly Away Home.’ So he’s worked with his share of real animals. But he tells us he...
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Malcolm Gladwell

BBC Radio 4
...says, "I am the bird attached to the top of a very large beast, pecking away and eating the gnats.... I am someone who draws inspiration from the brilliance of others...
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BBC Radio
Are you someone who only eats food that has been wasted or thrown away? Learn a word that describes what you are
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