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...~ airs on Metalzone Radio. Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the awesome channels below. Pain is going to be inflicted by ~ ZARAZZA VOID VATOR HAZEMAZE MORBID ANGEL BULL...
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Deathrattle Podcast airs Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the excellent stations (below).As always I'm bringing along heaviness, diversity, riffs that will crush skulls and jams that will...
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...OF THE TOMB ~ The Nightmare Hall GODLESS AGENDA ~ Rising From The Pits SUN BELOW ~ Green Visions SUPERNAUTH ~ Ultimo Aliento SOULDEVOURER ~ The Grave Lend an ear and...
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...Deathrattle Podcast is aired tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the awesome channels listed below. Today's show covers a lot of ground and where else can you find the Uriah...
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