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Taking a trip on psychedelic drugs

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In 1971, Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs, and the Controlled Substances Act outlawed the use of LSD and psilocybin, or magic mushrooms....
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...Schwalbach, Chad Knight and Point of Insanity Game Studios do not condone the use of drugs other than perscription drugs only n perscribed ways. The Boys take you on a long,...
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Episode 237: SEX, DRUGS, and SCIENCE!!!!

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...Medicine 3(2): 232–249. Newman, D.J. and Cragg, G.M. (2016) Natural Products as Sources of New Drugs from 1981 to 2014. Journal of Natural Products 79: 629-661 O’Brien, J. and Wright, G.D....

Floyd Landis: The Drugs Don’t Work

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Ep 2. Is Cartoon Network on drugs?

Morons Who Try To Talk Good
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TV PARTY "You Wanted My Drugs (More)" Recorded & Mixed by Joel Jerome Burger Records (2019) https://www.instagram.com/_tv_party_/ Tv Party is made...
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Drug promotion drives up health care costs

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What Constitutes a "Ground-breaking New Drug?"

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In 1820, most of the drugs listed in the American Pharmacopoeia were plant-based; by 1960, it was a mere 5 percent....
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Episode 349: Chefs, Drugs, and Sun Voyager

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...Author Andrew Friedman delivers a behind-the-scenes look at the era in his new book, Chefs, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: How Food Lovers, Free Spirits, Misfits, and Wanderers Created a New...
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Listener Emily is dying to know: what are actors actually using when they do drugs on screen? A prop czar takes ELT behind the scenes. Plus, a tribute to percussionist...
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