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...the experience of travel. On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid covers new products and innovations that the avid solo traveler might want to incorporate. If you travel frequently and love...
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...dedicated to the study of maintenance, repair, upkeep, and ordinary work, and the co-author of The Innovation Delusion: How Our Obsession With the New Has Disrupted the Work That Matters Most. Lee and I...
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...Craig's philosophy on leadership and managing the growth of a large organization, how he balances innovation with stability, how an organization can stay nimble even as it gets bigger, how you have...
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...can the government change policy direction during Covid? What sweeping changes are needed to improve innovation, immigration and the climate?
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...Manager of Lockheed Martin Canada about CSC and CMS 330. Hear about Lockheed Martin Canada’s innovation in this space going all the way back to the 1980s. Learn more about some...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
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...with culinary director of Shake Shack Mark Rosati to discuss the birth of Shake Shack's innovation kitchen in NYC's West Village where customers can test new items. They also talk new...
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Flux : Bach to Bock
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