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Flux : Inside Pop
...the Woods. Plus, Amita reviews one of the most heartbreaking hours on television, the post Super Bowl episode of This Is Us. And finally in the Big Sell, Amita reviews an essay on...
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When Did the Super Bowl Halftime Show Become Political?

popcast@nytimes.com (NYTimes.com Podmaster)
Flux : Popcast
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...Pop Culture Challenge (think Green Eggs and Ham), football non-fans Meredith and Ann watched the Super Bowl , and share their thoughts with resident mansplainers Bobby and Mike. Of our lady scientists,...
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...the Rams is a huge boost for Inglewood, and the Rams playing in this weekend’s Super Bowl only adds to that. Thousands of people lined up for a go-Rams event this Sunday...
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...the New England Patriots talks about going from the Naval Academy to playing in the Super Bowl .
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Flux : Good Food
...new year cakes. Retired NFL center Shaun O'Hara reveals what players eat leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Matt Goulding of Roads & Kingdoms talks about exploring some of the lesser-known spots...
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Sunday marks our fiftieth episode and we're talking Super Bowl 52 The most American Super Bowl ever!!! The Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots...
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...time Luke (in Seattle) and Andrew (in LA) recorded their experiences during Seattle’s (spoiler alert) Super Bowl win in 2014. Never look a gift pizza in the face, and try not to...
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Code Switch's Gene Demby joins Stephen Thompson and Linda Holmes for a look at Super Bowl LI. The New England Patriots won with a huge fourth-quarter push, and also featured a...
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...Dr. Pam Popper to talk about Caffeine and the Healthy Diet! Plus, my spectacular Vegan Super Bowl Menu! And learn about our spectacular Vegan Cuisine Month giveaway! Laura Theodore’s books, DVDs and CDs...
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Flux : Inside Pop
Ok- so the Patriots won the Super Bowl , but the real headliner was the high flying halftime show by Lady Gaga! We...
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...his new comic book Empty Space; we also discuss the genre trailers that debuted during the Super Bowl (Star Wars: Solo, West World, Mission Impossible, etc.), and share some listener feedback regarding the...
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