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...narrowly escaped joining a cult. Thank goodness a certain body part saved him. After escaping the cult , Nnekay and James talk about Neil Degrasse Tyson and the universe, which initially freaks...
Medium 71407cae9ee318d22018eb0b5bbd707692e9da47
..."C". We talk about the HBO NIXIM documentary The Vow, and our personal connection to the cult , and James' near-miss with getting sucked into it, and how the doc has shown...
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Tenemos esta semana un Programazo, con novedades de Lita Ford, Circus Maximus, Buckcherry, The Cult ... Además, hablaremos de Dokken, Vixen, Kiss, Limp Bizkit, y recordaremos Giras de Judas priest,...
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S1E6 - Cult

Talker Texas Ranger USA
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...= Nick Rapaccioli] LSR - "4th Level Dwarf Fighter (-5 Cursed Backbiter Remix)" - Excommunicate the Cult of the Live Band [LSR =Jason Doerck] LSR - "Phage" - Excommunicate the Cult of...
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Bunker Buddies
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...of Substance by Joy Division: Warsaw Leaders Of Men Digital Auto-Suggestion Transmission Side 1 of The Cult by The Cult Gone Coming Down (Drug Tongue) Real Grrrl Black Sun Naturally High Joy...
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...boma de dos horas con muchas novedades y mucho Rock'n'Roll! OCn lo más nuevo de The Cult , Linkin Park, Obus en vivo, Barricada, Dikers, Evan's Blue, el retorno de Rob Rock...
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May with Mark Rennie

Indie Darlings
Comedy writer Mark Rennie joins us to discuss the cult classic “May”.
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Guest host Mark covers the cult classic film from 1985, "Lifeforce." Enjoy the podcast!
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...on the Metal bregade, were going to break on thru with some kickin' songs from: The Cult / Paradox / Fastway / Elixir and Vixen....... Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind Are You Ready To...
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A cool, retro film guest podcast from Mark covering the cult classic "Battle Beyond the Stars." Enjoy!
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This week guest host Mark looks at the cult classic film from 1971 called "The Omega Man." Enjoy!
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...In A Uniform The Cure - Primary Sexbeat - Sexbeat INVSN - This Constant War The Cult - Love Sextile - Ripped Devo - Freedom Of Choice The Killers - The Man...
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