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...it deserve a second try? Alexis puts the case for its inclusion in the rock canon
Medium a41a9b4b1f361711e7c40dbbaaf1ba9b4def0ac3
Espresso is the canonical coffee of Italy, even though the original espresso was something entirely different. How did espresso...
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Flux : Good Food
...and Evan Kleiman team up to answer your burning Thanksgiving questions. Fuchsia Dunlop talks the canon of Sichuan cookery. Plus: an investigation of chamoy from Richard Parks III.
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9 – Leprechaun Surprise Party

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
In which Rachel refuses to back down from a challenge, we reject a point of canon, Leprechauns know Wolverine's secrets, Erik the Red is (still) awful, Professor X is (still) a...
Medium 906eba6f8ac64b0ca249893a39ebe63553d4ceb5
...which Gossamyr definitely probably doesn't get blown up; we engage in a long and surprisingly canon-based exploration of Hellfire Club bathroom etiquette; the New Mutants break up with Magneto; you should...
Medium 906eba6f8ac64b0ca249893a39ebe63553d4ceb5

24 – Ororo, Queen of the Galaxy

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
Art by David Wynne. In which Professor X is (canonically!) a jerk, Miles has Sidrian Hunter feelings, Kitty Pryde is Clarissa Darling with a dragon,...
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Flux : Radio Morpork
Steve and Colm discuss this grim little outlier in the Discworld canon. Expect lots of talk about gender roles, internalised misogyny, propaganda and comparisons to post-Independence Ireland....
Medium 026858bb351c0069b989c2f598acff4dbc22f67d
...legendary John Prine has written some of the most powerful lyrics in the American music canon. He brings some of his best to this unforgettable Tiny Desk performance.
Medium e24178aace7c38bc633c9b9acea51592d79a087c
...legendary John Prine has written some of the most powerful lyrics in the American music canon. He brings some of his best to this unforgettable Tiny Desk performance.
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Episode 71: Bert Coules

The Baker Street Babes
...Sherlock Holmes radio series starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. This radio adaptation of the canon was the first to present all 60 stories (plus more!), and for many is the...
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There are a bunch of songs in the canon of Christmas songs, whose lyrics don't stand up to close examination. This week we look...
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It's Magic!

Broadway to Main Street
We welcome Harry Potter and his chums to Broadway with felicitations from the musical theater's canon of wizards, witches, sorceresses, and enchantresses:  songs from Frozen, The Wizard of Oz, Camelot and...
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Broadway à la Lee

Broadway to Main Street
...with us as we celebrate her centenary with Lee's impeccable renderings of the show tune canon.
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Join yolkboy and Lady Gwyn, with special guest Chloe from Girls Gone Canon for our latest Quiz of Ice and Fire bonus episode. We pose fifteen questions of ASoIaF...
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