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Country Hour for Friday 27 October, 2017

South Australia Country Hour
...company Saputo for $1.3 billion dollars, A far west grazier says it'll be a game changer for far west New South Wales if a collaboratively owned pellet mill gets off the...
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Country Hour for Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Western Australia Country Hour
...said the 5G network, planned to begin rollout in 2020, will be a connectivity game changer for rural and regional Western Australia
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...Podcast, This week Jeff discovers a new type of tube that could be a game changer! Problem is, it will most likely be forever before it becomes available for Jeff to...
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DEAD GHOSTS "Drugstore Supplies" Automatic Changer Burger Records (2020) LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/1Mxa2u6FrDH1UEcpndYDHu?si=WaCaDfCNS4i5YfvW4nGMBw Dead Ghosts are a four-piece garage rock and/or...
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After The Rain

Reggie TheJazzman
The rain.... It was one of those days....again Cloudy and wet, certainly a mood changer from the previous summer day, one of clear skies and sunshine. Rain can be a...
Trop pesants pour changer d'itinéraire, les dinosaures piétinent leurs ornières habituelles. Ce soir, nous explorons à nouveau le sort...
...pas question de passer n'importe quoi, et surtout pas de repasser le même morceau sans changer de version. Les Bébés Dinosaures 8 mai 2016 [spécial wild 3] Chris Spedding Wild in...
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...technology and the benefits and challenges of it. Also, he shares the latest Vanguard's game changers that will be published in the Apr/May issue.   Body-worn Cameras Over the recent months...
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Flux : Pantheon
...one of the greatest artists who evolved during musically fruitful times, and became a social game-changer! All of it "tainted" by Love! Thanks to our sponsors, Crooked Eye Brewery AND One...
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Returning From The Moon

rob@ifthereishellbelow.com (If There Is Hell Below)
Rob and Callum return from a life changer of a month break with some of that good old chat and new music stuff....
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Earthless' 2018 album 'Black Heaven' was a tremendous game changer for the band who continue to tour and increase their fan base around the world....
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With a C

rob@ifthereishellbelow.com (If There Is Hell Below)
...from Trampoline Team, DIY powerpop from Lame Drivers and bass as guitar post-punk-pop of Billy Changer plus other ace tunes. Have a listen, give us a review and like our shit...

FREAK SHOW #83 avec Migrant'Scène

freakshowcanalb@gmail.com (Freak Show)
Changer le regard porté sur les migrants, c'est ce que le festival Migrant'Scène défend depuis sa...
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Country Hour for Friday 13 April, 2018

Western Australia Country Hour
...to have a closer look at what some in the industry are calling a game changer, the WoolQ portal
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...TECHTIPS for 25% off all-new 9HUNDRED Series keyboards: B975 Full Size – http://geni.us/07YO B945 Game Changer – http://geni.us/A4aq MOS Pack: Check out the brand new Blackpack from MOS on Kickstarter at...
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