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Dan (@schreiberland), James (@eggshaped), Andy (@andrewhunterm) and Anna (#getannaontwitter), discuss alien chess, whirling chairs, criminal theme tunes and how to get drunk on a shark.
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...Enterprise" from TNG is looked at this week. And I review the Franklin Mint 3-D Chess set.
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Flux : Encore!
...take on the sounds of yesteryear. Elise LeGrow pays tribute to the iconic Chicago label Chess Records on her debut effort "Playing Chess". She chats to Richelle Harrison Plesse about the...
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Episode 29 - Dan (@schreiberland), James (@eggshaped), Anna (@nosuchthing), and Andy (@andrewhunterm) discuss alien chess, whirling chairs, criminal theme tunes and how to get drunk on a shark.
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...Muddy, who at the time was under contract to Aristocrat Records (which would become the Chess label in a matter of months), was frustrated that Leonard Chess wouldn't record him with...
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Jim Norton

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...his theories on why people even get offended and he and Chris' mutual love of chess!
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...again taps Murray Head to help him with a concept album, one that uses the chess rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union (no, literally: which country had the best...
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...focuses on the great Howlin’ Wolf’s earliest recordings.  Before he became a huge star on Chess Records in Chicago, Wolf was a local celebrity in Memphis, recording with Sam Phillips (before...
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Dan, Anna, Andrew and James discuss prisons, escapes, chess and why you can never have too much spam.  Visit nosuchthingasafish.com for news about live...
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Bill Wheeler

Today We Learned / Mass Hysteria
Screenwriter Bill Wheeler joins Dan in the studio to talk about the hidden history of chess, the terrifying truth way A.I. will destroy humanity, and his brand new film The Queen...
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Jim Norton Returns

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...with Opie and Anthony. Jim and Chris also talk about their love and fascination with chess and Jim’s new special!
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Cash discusses the brief popularity of Plague Comics, beating his kids at chess, his increasing disdain for the existence of other people, and dolphins. Settle into your bunker,...
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 318

rnrmanifesto@gmail.com (Greg Lonesome)
...Halloween tunes, happy 90th birthday to the King of Rock N Roll and honoring Phil Chess.  
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...which was okay. The games they’ve been playing this week include Temtem, Might & Magic: Chess Royale, Warcraft III: Reforged, Ghost Recon […]
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...worlds most dangerous creatures. The games they’ve been playing this week include Void Bastards, Auto Chess, Doomsday Clicker, Rocket Arena, Battlefield V, Hooked Inc, Crossword Quiz, Hades, The Gardens Between, and...
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