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Flux : Planet Money
The Constitution contains a paragraph known as the Emoluments Clause. It's 49 words meant to prevent foreign...
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...the latest as the UK government reintroduces measures to control the spread of coronavirus. Plus: constitutional reform in Italy, Finland’s naval fleet and Taiwan’s attempts to rid its pavements of motorcycles.
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Monday 22 July

Monocle 24
...Plus: Tony Blair’s concern for politics, the struggle to enshrine an Indigenous voice in Australia's constitution and the highest-grossing film ever.
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...anyone else? Plus: the Australian government promises a referendum on recognising indigenous people in the constitution and Finland considers female conscription.
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Trump, the GOP and the rule of law

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Flux : To the Point
...Comey. We hear about a potential successor, the possibility of "obstruction of justice" and the constitutional separation of powers.
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Flux : Planet Money
People have been arguing over the constitutionality of wealth taxes since 1794, when Washington put a tax on carriages.| Subscribe to our...
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Flux : SpyCast
...and Brad Moss to discuss the impact of the attacks of 9/11 on the US Constitution, and the continuing legal legacy of that fateful day.
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Flux : Burnt Toast
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Why is Shinzo Abe trying to reform Japan’s pacifist constitution? Plus: we explore what other countries could learn from Switzerland’s experience of direct democracy, discuss...
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Flux : Pink Matter
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...a lawsuit today against President Trump accusing him of violating the emoluments clause in the Constitution, which bars presidents from taking money from foreign governments. This is the second lawsuit now...
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...from now on, they sit down with Political Pro James Warren to write the Oakdale Constitution.
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