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Beach Slang - Punks in a Disco Bar - from the forthcoming 2016 album A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings on Polyvinyl Records.
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Simian Mobile Disco - Caught In A Wave - from the 2018 album Murmurations on Wichita Recordings.


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...World Invaders “World Invaders EP” (V.S. RECORDS – 1981)     Rosebud : Interstellar Overdrive “Discoballs LP” (FLARENASH – 1977)     Charlie Mike Sierra : On The Moon “On The...
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...this podcast two of the most kitschy musical genres will face each other – Polish ‘disco polo’ and Portuguese ‘pimba.’ Which one of them will win a title of the most...
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Comedian Joan Ford joins us to discuss 90s classic “The Last Days of Disco”.
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Disco is a musical style originating in the early 1970s that remained urban and largely underground until...
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...Rule of Names Parvus Decree - "Raindrops" - Aeon 1: Aegra Artofescapism - "Done With Disco" Jorge Mario Zuleta - "Cumbia 2005" - Fauxette JBlanked / Bastardboy Production - "Tuesday Morning"...
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...discusses Joy Division and New Order and film-maker Jamie Kastner decodes the subliminal messages of disco


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Andrea Minoo     @bondbarsf   @wishsf   May 19th:  The Great Rosé & Silent Disco Festival Sip and savor rosé from around the world at the city's largest outdoor silent disco...
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Episode 242: Disco Dining Club & Miwi La Lupa

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Flux : Snacky Tunes
...episode of Snacky Tunes as Darin Bresnitz is in conversation with Courtney Nichols, co-founder of Disco Dining Club. Disco Dining Club is a bi-monthly culinary excursion steeped in all the excess,...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...tale? STUDIO 5’4”: Kylie Minogue returns to her (and our) happy place with new album Disco. OVERDUE BILL: Does Sophia Coppola/Bill Murray/Rashida Jones caper flick On The Rocks recreate the magic...
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...mirage of an episode, Miel and Demi finally tackle the widely requested Panic! At The Disco emo/alternative/pop-punk/who cares classic, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". BONUS CONTENT ALERT – Patrons get a...
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In Episode 27, we begin our two-part special THE DISCO YEARS where we explore the impact that disco music had on rock, pop, and American...
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