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The GAP Episode 340 – Bend It Like Luke Cage

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GA Podcast)
...Forza Horizon 3, Clustertruck, Codenames, and more. In the news the Philadelphia 76ers get into eSports, Twitch announces some new features, and Randy Pitchford says Battleborn isn’t going free to play...
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Breaking the Meta... and Matt

The Rancor's Brothel | A Tabletop Gaming Podcast
...Matt and guests Daniel and Austin into his dining room to discuss the outbreak of esports in the gaming community.  This subculture of video games has become prominent over the last...
...cette année, à travers une typologie extrêmement détaillée 1 Les Disquaires Yo La Tengo - Esportes casual Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The seedling Neil Young - Pocahontas 2 Les Braderies Bourvil...
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Fight like a girl! We chat esports and Overwatch with Stephi, aka Halokitty, Co-captain of Team Sailor Scouts. This Montreal based all...
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The GAP Episode 305 – Happy New Aliens

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GA Podcast)
...in the news the pricing for the Oculus Rift has been revealed, ESPN launches an esports section, and Diablo creator David Brevik leaves Gazillion Entertainment to get back into designing games....
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EXP Podcast #210: Gaming Football

The Experience Points Podcast
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Medium 05034805b56844d0d396a07dc5c05b3a91ad946c
...Rene! Co-host of What’s Good Games and Kinda Funny Games Daily, she previously worked with GameStop TV, Yahoo Esports and Game Trailers. Andrea chats about her career, how she got into the gaming industry...
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...on our final list for 2013.  We cover everything from anti-heroes, to indie darlings, to esports, all of which kept our minds occupied throughout the year.  As always, feel free to...
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EXP Podcast #222: Playtime Check-in 2013

The Experience Points Podcast
...of the games currently taking up space in our busy calendars. From gamified exercise to eSports and beyond, Scott and I have plenty of game mechanics to both love and hate....
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...at Ubisoft and co-founder of Misscliks. Get to know Geneviève, how she got involved in esports as a StarCraft II shoutcaster, her work with Misscliks and how she went from a...
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The First Game About Peace

+7 Intelligence | Ches Hall | Gaming Enthusiast
...current organization, Power Play, and what they do to bring the power of gaming and esports to more and more spaces   Links - +7 Intelligence Discord Server - Join an...
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BRB UK 255: El Raptor

dave@bigredbarrel.com (BigRedBarrel.com)
...for the EU. EA merges Bioware Montreal with Motive Studios. BT Sport will air Gfinity eSports. Tim reviews Dino Frontier on PSVR. http://traffic.libsyn.com/sarcasticgamer/BRBUK-Episode255.mp3 We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your...
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