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...show notes. To the hosts, Star Wars also encompasses what was formerly known as: “The Expanded Universe ” or “The EU” as fans call it. The EU included all officially licensed content,...
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Episode 87: Fleshbot Fiction and Stagg Street

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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#271: The Power of Wonder

The Art of Manliness
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Brainiac on Krypton, Elasti-Girl on Titans, and more

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
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...problem. What about the rest of us? Isn't there a great story in the Armageddon expanded universe about a bunch of people partying like the world is going to end and then...
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#20-06: Trad. Arr. By, Pt.2

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
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...Reeves is making awesome John Wick movies. Meanwhile Smith is playing second fiddle in poorly - reviewed DC expanded universe movies and is probably questioning  when it all went wrong. The chronicle of filmmaking is peppered with anecdotes like...
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...her friends will soon be releasing, called "The Star Wars Stacks". It's a Star Wars Expanded Universe book club. Stay tuned to the Anomaly web site and FB page for links to...
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EXP Podcast #136: Cross-media 'Cast

The Experience Points Podcast
Today, it feels like more games than ever enjoy an " expanded universe ."  Books, TV shows, comics, and movies all develop worlds and characters that first appeared...
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Greg C. Brown - Birnam Wood

Classical Music Discoveries
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Flux : Podwireless
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