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HAIM - Summer Girl

contact@songexploder.net (Hrishikesh Hirway)
Flux : Song Exploder
...Grammy-winning producer Ariel Rechtshaid. Danielle and Ariel share the emotional backstory of the song “Summer Girl,” from HAIM’s third album, Women in Music Pt. III. In this episode, they break down...
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Muncie Girls - Balloon - from the 2016 album From Caplan To Belsize on Animal Style Records.
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Girls Names - Reticence - from the 2015 album Arms Around a Vision on Tough Love...
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152 - Torpedo Girl

Pod of Thunder
Pod of Thunder - 152 - Torpedo Girl: Chris, Nick, and Andy break down "Torpedo Girl" from 1980's Unmasked. List with Victory.
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Saving The Girl

Eric Molinsky
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Sex for Girls

Starburns Audio
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Pittsburgh Girls Choir

Voice of the Arts
The Pittsburgh Girls Choir perform a concert titled "Anne Frank: Hope and Remembrance" Wednesday June 12th, 7pm at...
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A Chorus Girl

Kelleigh Bannen
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Flux : Rock Solid
Pat and April play their favorite songs which feature girls' names in the title. It's just that simple and fun too!
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Boys and Girls

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
Pat and Gary go on a gender-specific joyride as they play songs with "Girl" or "Boy" in the title.
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No Girls Aloud

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
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Flux : Rock Solid
Pat and Gary pick their favorite songs that have girls' names in the title!
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The Radium Girls

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The Radium Girls

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GIRLS' Jenni Konner

The Writers Panel
...write and produce shows for network television and cable. She's now the co-showrunner of HBO's Girls with show creator Lena Dunham. Jenni talks about how the Girls room works, what she's...
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