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...this week: Gaming injuries (01:21) Audaciously breaking immersion (08:40) Volatile video game partnerships (14:39) Greatest handheld LCD games (20:24) Theme sale (26:05) Question by Patreon Supporter MoxBagel, who asks: When you...
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I take out the mobile GF Radio truck! IOW my handheld recorder with me talking to you about birds in the yard and making bread in...
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...Animal Crossing New Horizons gets Island Backup, Dreaming, and fireworks later this week Analogue’s Pocket handheld now due 2021, but still looks amazing Weekly Aussie eShop Downloads & Deals (Week 30)...
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DIY Attic Fan & Easy Pizza Method with Erik of Root Simple - GF Radio 390

GardenFork Radio - DIY, Gardening, Cooking, How to
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...Sam Parker went to Japan to celebrate his mother's 60th birthday, he brought along a handheld audio recorder.  For the next few weeks, he recorded every sound that he could find,...
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