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Enjoy a full hour of Independence Day inspired music as we celebrate July 4th, 2020. trickspodcast.blogspot.com
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Will an independent counsel be enough?

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Flux : CarStuff
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  Tonight’s Menu: Our SciFi Rewind of Independence Day (The 1996 Movie) SciFi Diner Podcast 281 – Independence Day (1996) Download the Episode here....
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Catalans seek to declare independence from Spain

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Flux : To the Point
Spain's central government cracked down brutally Sunday on voters during a referendum on independence in Catalonia, the country's wealthiest province. We hear what's happening there — and about potential...
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Roland Emmerich stops by the pod booth for a spoilerific chat about all things Independence Day: Resurgence. BEWARE: SPOILERS WITHIN (obviously...).
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...right, regardless of what you think our founding fathers were revolutionaries. Had the war for independence went a different way they would have been executed as enemies of the state! Thankfully...
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